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Jennifer Aniston is not worried Angelina Jolie will destroy her career. Gossip Cop can bust this report. It also falsely claims Aniston and Brad Pitt are rekindling a relationship.

The premise of this New Idea story is that Aniston's career is in jeopardy due to Jolie and her supposed romance with Pitt. "Jen knows Ange is really angry that she and Brad are back in contact and have been spending so much time together, and that Jen has been getting close to the kids," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. With Jolie allegedly seeking to retaliate against her, "Jennifer is convinced her career could be ruined," claims this ill-informed snitch. Of course, no real person would switch between "Jen" and "Jennifer" in conversation like that.

More significantly, though, is that Aniston and Pitt are not dating, something that has been known for months. They have not been "spending so much time together," and she has nothing to do with his kids. In fact, People has reported that Aniston and Pitt haven't seen one another "in ages," and "aren't in regular contact." In other words, there is nothing for Jolie to be "angry" about, and no reason for her to "sabotage" Aniston's career.

But that's not what the tabloid wants readers to believe. The magazine acknowledges Aniston is currently working on the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler, but asserts, "In an unfortunate twist of fate, her new boss Ted Sarandos is also a very close friend of Angelina's." It's also pointed out that Jolie, Sarandos and Sandler posed for a picture together at the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this year. "Jennifer's heard they're all still really chummy and it's making her paranoid," contends the supposed "source."

On top of that, it's claimed Aniston's upcoming Apple series with Reese Witherspoon is "in trouble," and that she's "worried that her days are numbered and that her career is really drying up." To that end, maintains the alleged tipster, "She is doing everything she can to make a 'Friends' reunion happen because she knows that will skyrocket her back on speed dial with all the Hollywood bosses and revive her career." Actually, Gossip Cop already busted bogus contentions a few weeks ago about Aniston spearheading a "Friends" cast reunion.

The outlet doesn't mention that, or that Aniston is also starring in a second Netflix movie, First Ladies. Jolie has no sway over these projects. But this isn't the first time the publication has tried to go down this misguided route. Back in January, the tabloid peddled a tale about Aniston and Jolie fighting over a "new man," said to be Sarandos. It wasn't true then and it still isn't true now. What's more, though, is that while this new story is all about Jolie interfering with Aniston's professional life, it's never once said how, exactly, she's "threatening Jen's career." Once again, New Idea appears to have no idea.

A spokesperson for Aniston calls the story "just another fabrication," and notes to Gossip Cop that she has "two films" she is about to shoot. We hear the Apple series is on track for a fall production, and Dumplin, which she shot last year, is likely to come out late 2018 or early 2019. Clearly, Aniston's career is quite busy.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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