Jennifer Aniston NOT “Livid” About Justin Theroux Shopping With Jason Bateman’s Wife

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Justin Theroux Amanda Anka In Touch

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Theroux Amanda Anka In Touch

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Jennifer Aniston is not “livid” about Justin Theroux going shopping with Jason Bateman’s wife, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this sensationally wrong story. We’re told it’s “nonsense.”

A few days before Christmas, Theroux stepped out in L.A. with Amanda Anka. She and Bateman are close, longtime friends of the actor and Aniston to the point where they’ve even gone on vacation together. But according to In Touch, it is scandalous that the pair hung out without their significant others. The tabloid alleges Aniston was “hurt and jealous” that Theroux chose to spend time with Anka instead of her when they’ve spent much of the fall apart due to work commitments.

“After so much time away from home, he went out for the day with Amanda and left Jen on her own,” a so-called “friend” is quoted as complaining. This supposed pal goes on to claim to the gossip magazine, “When she confronted him, Justin was flabbergasted. He told Jen they’d been out Christmas shopping for friends and family together, but his words didn’t placate her.”

Though the outlet acknowledges “Jen and Justin are both close with the Batemans,” it still maintains “even the most understanding wife would find it bizarre that Justin hung out with Amanda alone.” The publication and its supposed source further assert that “Justin’s flirty nature and closeness with his many female friends, including his BFF Amy Sedaris and his ‘Leftovers’ co-stars Liv Tyler and Margaret Qualley, have always ‘been one of the couple’s chief problems.'”

Of course, Gossip Cop has busted the tabloid’s past attempts to stir the pot by inappropriately linking Theroux to those women, and Aniston actually bonded with Sedaris over Theroux in her Harper’s Bazaar interview a couple of months ago. But, wanting to give readers a dramatic storyline, the magazine’s quotes the purported “friend” as saying of the couple, “In their hearts, they both know their marriage is falling apart.”

In actuality, though, it’s this narrative that’s falling apart. Aniston and Theroux just spent Christmas together and are now in Mexico for their annual New Year’s vacation. The outlet is calling it a “last-ditch effort” to save their marriage when it’s really just a fun tradition, one that they actually shared with the Batemans to ring in 2016 and are doing so again now to usher in 2018. In fact, on the same day these new claims were published, photos emerged of Aniston and Theroux arriving in Mexico with Bateman and Anka for the joint trip.

In Touch falsely deemed Aniston and Theroux’s marriage “over” earlier this month and, just like Gossip Cop said at the time, it’s clearly not. That’s why the outlet has resorted to scandalizing something as benign as a shopping excursion. We’re told it’s “laughable,” especially since the two couples are currently vacationing together. A rep for Aniston further tells Gossip Cop the notion that she was “livid” over Theroux and Anka shopping together is “complete nonsense.”

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