Jennifer Aniston NOT Adopting From Mexican Orphanage, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston is NOT considering adopting from a Mexican orphanage, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story, which was seemingly fabricated.

“A Baby — At Last! Jennifer Aniston ‘Considering Adopting’ Child From Mexico Orphanage,” RadarOnline announces in a purported “exclusive” on Tuesday. According to the article, “Mama-wannabe Jennifer Aniston has finally satisfied her baby cravings — by supporting two Mexican orphanages!” In addition to visiting the organizations in Tijuana, it’s alleged she may take her support a step further by “bringing home an orphan to call her own.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “This has brought some happiness into her life, and brought her close to her dream of having her own child… At the orphanages, Jen is finding the fulfillment she’s missing in her marriage. She gets to be around kids, and she’s feeling appreciated for a change.”

“She even wants to bring one or more kids home so she can feel like a mom all the time,” claims the outlet’s supposed snitch. It’s even said it was Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt “who first encouraged her to consider adoption in Mexico.” Contends the alleged tipster, “Brad really gave her the courage to move forward. He told her, ‘You’ll be an amazing mother. I’ve always believed that.’ Hearing Brad say those words was just what she needed.”

But while this sounds like a nice tale, there’s a huge problem with it: The story is completely made up. Aniston has not recently visited any orphanages in Mexico, nor is she considering adopting a child from one of them. And she most certainly hasn’t discussed the issue with Pitt.

RadarOnline is “wrong again,” Aniston’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop. That’s not surprising. This is the same webloid that also wrongly said Aniston was pregnant in July. Tellingly, that gaffe isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new (and equally false) adoption story.

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