Jennifer Aniston Adopting With Or Without Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Ansiton Adopting October 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Ansiton Adopting October 2015

(Life and Style)

Jennifer Aniston is still NOT adopting a baby girl, with or without Justin Theroux, despite yet another fabricated tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can once again debunk the claim, which a rep for Aniston exclusively tells us is just “more of the same crap.”

The new issue of Life & Style hit newsstands Wednesday with the announcement that Aniston is “bringing home” her baby and has made her “family complete with a baby girl.” Inside the magazine a so-called “insider” alleges, “Jen had sidelined the adoption a few weeks after she and Justin married because they were having so many fights. It’s been her lifelong dream to have a daughter, though, so she recently moved forward with the adoption anyway — no matter what happens with Justin.”

Life & Style regurgitates its previous inaccurate claim about Aniston and Theroux having “signed adoption papers” before their wedding, but now says, with the couple’s “relationship in tatters,” the paperwork has been “amended” in order to “ensure the adoption goes through no matter the status of her marriage.” The supposed “insider” adds for good measure, “Jen doesn’t care if she has to raise her little one on her own.”

The outlet even goes as far as specifically claiming Aniston called Theroux on September 30 and “told him the adoption was for sure happening.” Life & Style must have an unusual definition of “for sure,” because its allegations are anything but definitely “happening.” This new cover story is nothing but the latest in a long line of adoption and relationship problem covers all designed to further a tabloid narrative that has no resemblance to reality.

In fact, it was just a month ago that Life & Style had a cover insisting Aniston was “dumped” by Theroux, with the story similarly claiming she “vowed to go through with the adoption” of a baby girl “with or without Justin.” Of course, no such breakup is mentioned now, just like there’s no mention of Aniston being pregnant, like the magazine alleged earlier this year.

It’s why a rep for Aniston exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this latest Life & Style report is “more of the same crap,” another “made-up story,” with no explanation for why the “things they report never end up happening.” Remember all that the next time you’re in the grocery checkout line, okay?


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