Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Adopt 6-Month-Old Baby Girl, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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(In Touch)

Jennifer Aniston did NOT adopt a 6-month-old baby girl, and a supposed adoption had NOTHING to do with marrying Justin Theroux, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. A rep for Aniston tells us it’s all a fabrication.

The new issue of In Touch hit newsstands Wednesday, purporting to have a “world exclusive” and “newlywed Jen’s official announcement” about adopting. The accompanying story claims Aniston and Theroux “have secretly adopted a baby girl who’s around 6 months old, and made the official announcement to a circle of close and trusted friends.” In fact, the magazine alleges that’s the real reason why Aniston and Theroux wed last week.

“Originally they were going to have a big blowout party at their house for Justin’s birthday, but after learning that the adoption went through, they switched gears,” a so-called “insider” tells In Touch. “Jen is very traditional and wanted to be married for their little girl.” The supposed source even goes as far as claiming Aniston “will be bringing the baby home within six weeks.”

Gossip Cop looks forward to seeing In Touch’s excuse when six weeks go by, and Aniston is NOT the mother of a 6-month-old baby girl. Here’s what’s really going on: Last week, sister publication Life & Style ran a cover story that also wrongly alleged Aniston was adopting a baby girl. In Touch now decided to use the wedding to keep building on that erroneous premise, and even pathetically repeated some of the same false details, like Sandra Bullock supposedly guiding Aniston through the adoption process.

It’s a nice story, but it’s a work of fiction. Aniston and Theroux got married simply because they wanted to. There is NO secret adoption. A rep for Aniston exclusively tells Gossip Cop the new In Touch cover story is “completely made up.” That’s not surprise considering it’s the same magazine that said the couple was “headed for a permanent split”… last year.

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