Wrong Rumors About Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston Rumors

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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s friendship has been at the center of several false tabloid stories as of late. Phony reports about the two began circulating when they filmed their Netflix movie Murder Mystery this past summer. Here are a few wrong rumors about the co-stars and longtime pals.

In September, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for falsely claiming that Aniston was trying to destroy Justin Theroux’s career by getting her A-list friends to shun him. One of those famous friends was said to be Sandler, who was on “Team Jen,” along with stars like George Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres. In reality, Sandler and other Hollywood stars haven’t been forced to take sides in Aniston’s divorce. Not only did a rep for the actress tell us the story was “made-up,” but Theroux himself said in a recent New York Times interview that there’s “no animosity” between him and his estranged wife.

Also in September, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day Australia for alleging that Aniston was getting payback on Theroux by making a movie with Sandler. The magazine speculated that Theroux was sure to be jealous of his estranged wife co-starring with the comedian on a Netflix project because he was eager to work for the streaming service. The unreliable outlet didn’t realize that Theroux co-stars on the Netflix series “Maniac,” which debuted just weeks after the tabloid published its poorly-researched article. Meanwhile, People magazine reported that Aniston “doesn’t even talk about [Theroux] anymore” and “doesn’t keep up with what he does.” The actress didn’t team up with Sandler as any sort of “revenge.” The actress’s spokesperson also called the story “completely absurd.”

Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline in August for attempting to create a nonexistent romance between Aniston and Sandler. The blog alleged that the co-stars were “caught holding hands” while taking a stroll in Italy. The premise was completely ridiculous. The only thing the two were “caught” doing was shooting a movie. The actor and actress, who play husband and wife in Murder Mystery, were holding hands while filming a scene. The two weren’t on a romantic getaway together – they were at work. In fact, Aniston and Sandler have been friends for more than 20 years, and the actress was even a guest at his 2003 wedding.

It’s worth noting, that wasn’t the first time a tabloid attempted to create a love affair between the co-stars. Back in 2011, the National Enquirer claimed that Aniston “fell in love” with Sandler while filming their comedy Just Go With It. The outlet even alleged that the actress had no problem stealing the actor from his wife. Aniston’s rep laughed off the story and noted that she’s “been buddies with him and his wife forever.” In the years that followed, Aniston began a relationship with Theroux and Sandler has remained happily married. Unfortunately, when the two reunited for Murder Mystery earlier this year, wrong rumors about the pair started all over again.


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