Jennie Garth Furious With Tori Spelling For Casting Denise Richards On ‘90210’ Reboot?

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By Griffin Matis |


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A tabloid is reporting that Beverly Hills 90210 star Jennie Garth is furious with co-star Tori Spelling for inviting Denise Richards to appear on the reboot of the ‘90s show. Gossip Cop investigated the story. It’s all false.

Although it’s true that Richards will be making an appearance on the reboot, having guest-starred on the original series, OK! is wrongly reporting that her casting is causing drama. A supposed source claims Spelling “personally invited” Richards to join the show, and Garth “saw the casting move as an insult to her own friendship with Tori. She clearly thought this show was their baby.” Richards, meanwhile, is supposedly oblivious to it all. “She’ll kiss up to Tori in front of Jennie, who sits there stewing,” adds the alleged insider. “Things have become pretty awkward on set.”

In reality, Garth, Spelling and the rest of the show’s stars are all ecstatic to be working together again. Their friendliness and excitement are palpable in all of their social media posts and interviews with one another. Earlier this month, Garth posted a picture on Instagram of some of the cast hanging out behind the scenes, with her happily sitting next to Spelling.

One month prior, Garth posted another snapshot on Instagram of her, Spelling and co-star Gabrielle Carteris relaxing together on their day off. Garth and Spelling are even going on a cross-nation tour together in November, and Spelling constantly refers to Garth as her BFF on her Instagram.

Gossip Cop did manage to track down what we think was the inspiration for this fictional article. When Spelling and Garth appeared together on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show on August 5, McCarthy asked the two about the possibility of appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Richards, of course, is a recent addition to the cast of the Bravo show.

Garth revealed she was asked to be on the reality show, but Spelling noted, “They’ve never asked me, Jenny, and it makes me really sad!” The two actresses then joked around with one another about appearing on the show. It’s pretty much all friendly cracks about how Garth doesn’t fit with the RHOBH cast. The segment ends with Spelling saying Garth would win in a fight against that cast, confidently saying, “She can throw down.” If that’s not a sign of genuine friendship, we don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, it seems OK! took this friendly conversation about Richards’ show and tried to spin it as something less fun for Garth and Spelling’s show. Gossip Cop already busted the magazine’s sister publication, Star, for 90210-related lies. In June 2017, the tabloid published a false rumor about Spelling going to prison over unpaid debts. If anyone is looking for fake drama, watch the show, don’t read the tabloids.


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