Jenna Elfman Paints Face For Peace After Orlando Shooting (VIDEO)

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Jenna elfman Peace Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jenna elfman Peace Video


Jenna Elfman and husband Bodhi Elfman paint their faces for peace in a new video they shared on Saturday. Watch below.

In the 30-second clip, the Elfmans sit side-by-side as their faces are each painted by two people who are off-screen. At first it’s unclear what the design is intended to be, but the colors mimic those used in gay pride flags. When the painting is finished, each Elfman is left with half of a peace sign.

But when they come together to kiss, it’s a complete symbol (see above). Jenna captioned the video, “A message from me & @bodhielfman. RT & spread the #PeaceNow.” The clip is set to a version of Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train.”

A number of celebrity friends have already taken note of the striking visual in the few hours since it was posted. Christina Applegate tweeted, “Thank you Jenna and Bodhi for this. So beautiful.” Nigel Lythgoe commented, “How creative and meaningful is this from @bhodielfman and @JennaElfman.” And Josh Gad also retweeted the clip.

The video comes less than a week after the mass shooting at a Orlando club, where 49 members of the LGBT community were killed. Many have talked about “peace” since then, and it’s a topic clearly on Jenna’s mind. On Thursday, the actress shared a photo of herself with their two kids, and drew a peace symbol over it.

“Peace. Kindness. Interest. Compassion. Love. Communication. Patience. Friendliness. Joy. #WorldPeace,” she wrote. Check out the new peace video below.


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