Jenna Dewan Teaches Jimmy Fallon To Body Roll On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Jenna Dewan Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jenna Dewan Jimmy Fallon Video

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Jimmy Fallon learned a valuable lesson when Jenna Dewan stopped by Friday’s “Tonight Show.” She taught him how to do a body roll. Watch the video below!

Dewan, a dancer and actress who is married to Channing Tatum, was on the late-night program to promote NBC’s “World Of Dance.” She hosts the competition, which is offering a $1 million prize to the world’s best dancer. Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough all serve as judges. “That doesn’t happen for a dancer,” Dewan said of winning the large amount of prize money. “You can work your entire life and not make a million dollars. It’s not compensated in the right way, so this was huge deal for us. We just wanted to be a part of it.”

Of the contestants, Dewan said, “I understand it. I cry with them, I laugh with them. I’m like an annoying cheerleader to them backstage… It’s like they’re all my kids. I’m like a mama bear back there because I know that it feels like. I’ve had to go out, I’ve had to perform high stakes like this. I mean, some of them are 14 [years old].”

Dewan was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson’s “All For Your Tour” in the early 2000s, and now told Fallon, “It was like [a] dream come true. It was like my Oprah vision board moment.” To her credit, though, she confessed to the host that she actually once screwed up during Jackson’s concerts… badly. “I fall on stage all the time, and in life. It’s just something that happens,” Dewan explained. “But I was doing ‘Alright,’ I’m doing the dance, I’m up on a platform, I take a step, I fall directly into the audience, on the fans, off the stage.”

“For the next week, Janet and all the other dancers were rewinding it and playing it and laughing at me, and some of the Janet fans came to the next concert with like a shirt made of me, like a stick figure falling off the stage,” Dewan amusingly revealed, adding, “It was so embarrassing.” Fortunately, she lived and learned… and was now able to teach Fallon a signature dance move.

The late-night personality told her, “Madonna was on the show, and I asked her to teach me a dance move, because I need a go-to dance move if I go to a wedding or something, or the club. I’m always at the club, and I always need like a dance move that I’m always going to do at the club, and so she gave me a dance move and I used it ever since for years now. It’s kind of getting a little tired. I need a new dance move.”

With that, they got up for the star to show him “the Tatum move,” also known as a body roll. Check out the video below to see how it went!

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