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For the second week in a row, the tabloids are claiming Jenna Dewan and Jennifer Lopez are feuding over "World Of Dance," but it's still fake news. Gossip Cop can set the record straight... again.

Last week, OK! claimed Dewan and Lopez were feuding behind the scenes of the NBC dance competition, with Dewan supposedly frustrated over Lopez's off-camera control and on-camera persona. The story, however, was total nonsense. In fact, it was published one day after the "World Of Dance" finale, which actually taped in early 2017. None of the series' episodes were live, and the show filmed in January and February, far in advance of its airing this summer. If the two colleagues truly weren't getting along and OK! genuinely had a source in-the-know, the gossip magazine would've obtained that information back when the program was actually filming, not months after production ended. Regardless, sources on both sides of this purported feud assured Gossip Cop the claims of a rivalry were completely unfounded.

But now one week later, sister outlet Star is also proving to be clueless and wrong. The outlet is not only trying to peddle the same debunked claims, but there's also basic factual errors that prove neither the publication nor its so-called "tipster" knows what it's talking about. According to the article, Dewan was "left cringing" over Lopez's "corny antics" because "Jennifer is all about the schmaltzy, hammy moments, where she tears up or tries to be 'inspirational' to the kids she's mentoring on the show. [And] Jenna can't get a word in edgewise and just sits there trying not to roll her eyes."

Those contentions make Gossip Cop suspect the tabloid and its alleged insider never actually watched the show. While Dewan and Lopez are referred to in the story as "copanelists," that's completely inaccurate. Lopez is a panelist. Dewan is a host, who mostly stayed backstage with the contestants. She was never judging the dancers, and never sitting on the judges' panel with Lopez. So to claim she "couldn't get a word in" due to Lopez and would just "sit there" rolling her eyes is an outright fabrication.

One of the quotes from this "tipster" appears to be fictional, too. It's claimed this snitch said, "Jennifer started to micromanage everything and made it clear she was the star. It's basically the J.Lo show, and Jenna feels very excluded." That's suspiciously similar to a quote from the "source" in the aforementioned OK! story: "Every situation, even off camera, is micromanaged by J. Lo, and Jenna feels very excluded." When two tabloids publish essentially the same quote with just a few words changed, that's typically an indication that it was all made up.

Additionally, this piece fails to mention that Lopez is the program's executive producer. It's her job to "micromanage," and if the series were to be considered anyone's show, it would be hers. Dewan, of course, knows that. She is a valued member of the team, but obviously knows her place in the hierarchy. It's almost as if the two magazines just wanted to pit the women against each other and did no research to make sure its claims made sense. Again, if the sister outlets had real evidence that Lopez and Dewan were feuding, they wouldn't have waited until the season ended to publish such claims, and the articles wouldn't contain so many provably false assertions.

If Gossip Cop had to award points like the "World Of Dance" judges do, Star and OK! definitely wouldn't make it to the next round. Dewan even tweeted on Wednesday, "It is totally possible for two strong women to work together AND love and support each other completely. Come on people #tabloidnonsense." There you have it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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