Jenna Dewan Having Baby To Get ‘Revenge’ On Channing Tatum?

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Jenna Dewan Channing Tatum Baby Revenge

By Andrew Shuster |

Jenna Dewan Channing Tatum Baby Revenge

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Is Jenna Dewan having a baby with boyfriend Steve Kazee just to get “revenge” on Channing Tatum? That’s the ridiculous premise in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned it’s completely untrue.

Dewan announced last month that she’s expecting a child with her boyfriend of around a year, but according to the National Enquirer, the actress only got pregnant to upset her estranged husband. “Jenna was miffed that Channing was so willing to give up their family life, with their daughter Everly, and it made her redouble her efforts to start a new family with Steve,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “She wants to remind Channing how happy she is with her new guy.”

The tabloid’s article is totally absurd. Dewan isn’t bringing a child into the world for the purpose of getting “revenge” on her ex. In fact, Tatum reacted positively to the news of Dewan’s pregnancy. E! News, a much more reliable source for celebrity scoops than the Enquirer, reported that the actor is “happy” for his ex and “very supportive.” The outlet further noted that Dewan herself broke the news to Tatum because she “wanted to make sure he knew before she announced it.”

It’s also worth noting, when Dewan shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram, she posted a photo of herself cuddling with her daughter, adding, “Becoming a mother is quite simply the absolute best most incredible thing that has ever happened to me.” It’s clear the actress is expanding her family because she loves being a parent, not because she has an axe to grind with her ex. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that the magazine’s narrative is nonsense.

The gossip media has already proven to have zero insight into the dynamic between the exes. Exactly one year ago today, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer’s sister outlet, Star, for wrongly reporting Dewan and Tatum were getting back together. That obviously didn’t happen.

In June, another one of the tabloid’s sister publication, In Touch, falsely claimed Dewan was rushing to marry Kazee before Tatum married his girlfriend, Jessie J. The exes clearly never raced each other to the altar. Neither one is engaged to their partner, and Dewan is having a baby despite not being married yet. The unreliable outlet is taking a happy occasion and using to create phony drama. Gossip Cop would like to congratulate Dewan on her pregnancy in the face of the tabloids raining on her parade.


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