Jenna And Barbara Bush Defend Dad George W. Bush On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

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The View Bush Twins

By Shari Weiss |

The View Bush Twins


Jenna Bush Hager and twin sister Barbara Bush praised and defended their dad, former president George W. Bush, on “The View” on Friday. Check out the video below.

The former first daughters were on the ABC talk show to promote their new joint memoir. The interview started off light-hearted, with the co-hosts asking what their father whispered to Barack Obama at last week’s hurricane fundraiser that made him laugh. Jenna amusingly admitted, “The thing is with my dad, I’m always like, ‘Dad, do not go viral! He’s like, ‘What does viral mean?’ ‘For example, don’t put the poncho over your head.’ He just can’t help himself.” Barbara acknowledged that they do know what their father actually said in the widely seen moment with Obama, “But we can’t talk about it.” Jenna promised, though, “We’ll tell you when we’re off the air.”

The sisters were then asked about the speech their dad gave last week, in which he decried nationalism. Many interpreted the remarks to be anti-Trump, but they insisted he was just espousing the same values and views he’s always had. “Everything he said is not anything he didn’t say when he was president,” Barbara insisted, arguing that it only “seemed different because it’s such a different time and a different context in which he said it.” She added, “We were really proud of him, but not surprised at all, because that’s how we’ve always known him. He’s just steady. He’s steady as can be, even though he’s spunky.”

“So steady that I wake up to a text message from him every single morning at the same time,” Barbara revealed, prompting Jenna to crack, “By the way, I don’t.” Barbara explained that it started with their dad consoling her over a broken heart, and “he just never stopped reaching out every day.” As for some people who were previously against the Bush presidency now feeling nostalgic for him, Jenna commented, “It doesn’t surprise us, because as Barbara just said, it’s who we’ve always known he is. But it feels good, of course.” Watch the full video below.

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