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Masked Singer has had some unexpected reveals, but could their biggest reveal yet be controversial YouTuber and beauty mogul Jeffree Star? The singing competition, which features famous contestants completely hidden by over-the-top costumes and masks, has fans wondering if Star is the real person behind Night Angel's mask. They have some pretty convincing evidence to back up their belief.

Night Angel gave their first set of clues Wednesday night, and some super sleuth fans believe they've already figured out who the mystery singer is. Night Angel said that they'd felt "deeply blessed" their entire life and that "doors have always opened" for them. For the video, Night Angel wandered around a motel, opening numbered doors with numbered keys. The numbers shown included two, four, five, and six.

Several clues were inside the rooms Night Angel unlocked. Behind door number four were several men with duck bills on their faces and door number five contained a group of angry old women. There were also several references to famous songs. Night Angel's references included quotes like, "It's my prerogative," "That boy is mine," and "Like a landslide."

Why Jeffree Star is a good guess

There's several reasons that fans believe Star might be the face behind the mask, and the costume is definitely the biggest one. Night Angel's main colors are purple and pink, and Star recently debuted a new dye job. The colors? Pink and purple. The Night Angel also has long, painted nails on their gloves, and every fan of Star's knows how big a fan he is of decorative nails. There's also a lot of gold embellishments on the costume, which once again points to Jeffree Star, who adores gold. The song hints might be a reference to Star's own musical past. He released an album in 2009 titled Beauty Killer. The YouTuber never followed up on his first album, however.

What's our take?

Unfortunately, our guess is that Jeffree Star is not the person behind Night Angel. For one, Star is over six feet tall. In the clue video, Night Angel was shown next to a few men who towered over them. Though the costume certainly doesn't give a lot away, it's clear from comparing the body types that Star is not in that costume. There was also the huge hint about Night Angel's song choice, "So tonight, I've chosen a song that's a little bit dangerous and a little bit sweet, just like me."

Who else could that be but Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss? She's the right height, the right size, the right attitude, and as a former member of the vocal quartet Xscape, she definitely has the musical chops. That's our guess, and we're sticking to it.


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