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Jeffree Star has a big personality, and others in his industry, like Kat Von D and James Charles, don't always care for it. Beauty vloggers, influencers and even reality show stars have crossed metaphorical swords with Star. Conflict seems to follow him wherever he goes, but Star seems to like it.

Kat Von D thought Jeffree Star crossed her

Kat Von D was once a good friend of Star's. In fact, she's the tattoo artist behind some of his most eye-catching tattoos. That connection wasn't enough to keep the two from falling out, however. In 2016, after about 10 years of friendship, Von D suddenly posted a photo of Star across her social media pages with his face crossed out. She announced her plan to "disassociate" with Star in the caption and promised to release a video at a later time to explain her reasons.

In a video that has since been deleted, Von D explained that an artist she'd introduced to Star had created a logo for Star's line of lipsticks, but they'd never been credited or paid for their work. Star denied Von D's claims, asserting that he had paid the artist for the work. As of yet, the two have still not reconciled.

Jeffree Star got involved in James Charles' fight

James Charles was involved with his own feud with fellow beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook when Star stepped in and made things much messier. Charles' feud with Westbrook centered around the fact that Charles promoted a competitor's brand of vitamins, though he'd refused to promote her vitamin supplements in the past. Stinging from this betrayal, Westbrook posted a video claiming Charles was a "predator" and chased after straight men in an aggressive fashion.

After hearing about Charles' "predatory" behavior, Star weighed in on the controversy on Twitter. "There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again. There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true," he wrote, though the tweet has since been deleted. After that, Star's merchandise production company dropped Charles' merchandise, Sisters Apparel, as a client.

Star later walked back his comments in a video posted to his YouTube channel. "I inserted myself into something publicly that I shouldn't have," he admitted. Star fully apologized to Charles for his part in furthering the conflict, saying, "So James, I want to say that I should have never sent you those messages, I should have been a better friend, I know that now and even if we weren't close friends anymore, I should have handled it way differently." Though Charles hasn't publicly responded to the apology video, which has over 19 million views, it seems like this feud has at least been laid to rest.

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