Jeff Daniels Kisses Stephen Colbert On “The Late Show” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jeff Daniels Kisses Stephen Colbert

By Shari Weiss |

Jeff Daniels Kisses Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert has been getting unexpected kisses from his “Late Show” guests, but none may be more surprising than Jeff Daniels. Watch below!

Daniels’ segment on Friday’s episode began typically enough, with Colbert announcing, “My first guest tonight is an Emmy-winning actor who has starred in everything from Dumb & Dumber to ‘The Newsroom.’ His new movie is Allegiant.” With that, a clip from the movie featuring Daniels and co-star Shailene Woodley played.

After, Colbert announced, “Please welcome Jeff Daniels.” The crowd cheered as normal, but had no idea what was to come. Daniels walked out, shook the host’s hand, and then planted a big kiss on Colbert’s lips.

The late-night personality amusingly quipped afterward, “I can’t say that I blame ya.” Daniels hilariously cracked in response, “Just sayin’ hello!” But the beloved star wasn’t the first to give a smooch this week.

Helen Mirren was the first to pull the move on Tuesday’s “Late Show,” leaving Colbert stunned when she greeted him by softly kissing his lips. “If I didn’t do it then, I’d never get to do it,” the Dame explained.

Then on Wednesday’s edition, Sally Field received the more standard cheek kiss from Colbert, but before sitting down, she motioned for him to come towards her. The actress then gave him a huge, long kiss that had the audience roaring.

“I figured Helen did it, so why can’t I?” Fields said as Colbert tried to regain his composure. He then quipped, “You won’t get an argument from me!” With Daniels, that makes three, and three can definitely be considered a trend. The only question is: Who will be next? Check out the videos below!


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