“The View” Co-Hosts Jedediah Bila, Sunny Hostin Clash Over Charlottesville

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Jedediah Bila Sunny Hostin Charlottesville

By Shari Weiss |

Jedediah Bila Sunny Hostin Charlottesville

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“The View” co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Sunny Hostin clashed on Twitter on Saturday due to the violence in Charlottesville. The confrontation in Virginia led the colleagues to spar over gun control.

The ABC talk show is currently on hiatus after wrapping its 20th season earlier this month. With the program not set to return with new episodes for another few weeks, some of the co-hosts have been airing their views on social media instead of at the “Hot Topics Table.” And today, sadly, there is no “hotter topic,” so to speak, than the white nationalist protest and alt-right rally in Charlottesville.

As Gossip Cop has reported, neo-Nazi protesters clashed with counter-protesters, sparking violent attacks that so far have left one person dead and at least 19 people injured. While it’s unclear if any firearms were used, video from various skirmishes show people hitting one another with blunt objects and throwing things. And the presence of a purported “militia” carrying guns led Hostin to bring up the subject of gun control.

On a recent episode of “The View,” as well as on previous installments, she and Bila have significantly disagreed on whether everyday people should be armed in public places. As seen in the videos below, Hostin has argued that if a chaotic situation breaks out, having citizens armed with guns may further that chaos and lead to tragedy. Bila, however, has countered that she would feel safer knowing there were fellow citizens around prepared to use guns if necessary.

So, with that in mind, Hostin tweeted to Bila a video of the alleged militia in Charlottesville, asking, “Feel safer @JedediahBila?” About two hours later, Bila responded, “I will always want sane, law-abiding citizens to be able to counter any armed lunatic, criminal or otherwise. And yes, if I were there, I would certainly feel safer armed than unarmed. I say no to a police state or gun confiscation all day, any day.”

Rather than get into an intense debate, Hostin wrote back, “We will have to agree to disagree my friend.” Bila’s comments, of course, should not be misconstrued as support for the racism and violence taking place in Charlottesville, two things the conservative TV personality has spoken out against in the past. In fact, to signify her disapproval of Donald Trump’s vague comments, in which he didn’t reference Nazism or white supremacy, she retweeted an old quote from Ronald Reagan: “The politics of racial hatred & religious bigotry practiced by the Klan & others have no place in this country.”

Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg (pictured above with Bila and Hostin), as well as Joy Behar, have not commented. Below, see videos of Bila and Hostin having heated discussions on gun control during “The View.” The clips are from August 2 and June 15, the latter one part of “The View” co-hosts’ reaction to the congressional shooting.

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