Jedediah Bila Reacts To Donald Trump North Korea Speech After Leaving “The View”

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Jedediah Bila Trump North Korea

By Shari Weiss |

Jedediah Bila Trump North Korea


Jedediah Bila reacted to Donald Trump’s speech about North Korea via Twitter on Tuesday, around the same time it was being discussed on “The View.” As Gossip Cop reported, Bila unexpectedly announced she was leaving “The View” on Monday.

In the wake of her absence from today’s edition of the ABC talk show, a fan wrote to Bila, “@JedediahBila since we didn’t hear from you on the view today, what did you think of Trump’s UN speech?” She responded almost 30 minutes later, writing, “Authoritarian, oppressive regimes that repeatedly violate human rights typically respond to diplomacy & soft talk with defiance. See history.” She seemed to be suggesting that tough talk is necessary with North Korea and Kim Jong Un, a point that Whoopi Goldberg also made on “The View.” But she and the remaining panelists were disturbed by Trump threatening to “destroy” the country.

“What was terrifying to me is I think he wasn’t only talking about defensive action but he left open the possibility of preventative action against North Korea. How do you go about destroying a country with 25 million people in it? That’s a war crime,” Sunny Hostin said. Goldberg also argued, “When you tweak the nose of the puppy, you will get bit. This is unstable versus unstable… I know a lot of his fans will say, ‘Yeah, that’s tough talk’… [But] just because the other folks is nuts doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be nuts.”

Due to Bila’s exit, a conservative voice in the conversation was missed. An official reason for her departure from “The View” has not been given, though the libertarian commentator said in her farewell yesterday that she’d be working on a book and other possible projects going forward. Some have theorized that Bila was canned for her strong questioning of Hillary Clinton on “The View” last week. Fueling that rumor, Bila tweeted and then deleted a clip of the interview on Monday. Now Bila’s offering her viewpoint on Twitter instead of at the “hot topics” table marks her first social media acknowledgment that she’s not on the show anymore.

And many followers replied not just with their own opinions on the Trump-North Korea subject, but also with comments about Bila leaving. “You need your own show now!! Best representation of both sides!! Only one that made the show interesting,” wrote one person. Another supporter said, “Missed your presence on the View today. I don’t agree with you often but I learned a lot from you. It sucks that you left but good luck!” And someone else encouraged, “Everyone who is upset or sad at Jed leaving and DON’T think she left on her own, needs to write ABC AND get her back on, if she wants.” Unconfirmed reports claim Meghan McCain is in talks to be Bila’s replacement. Click to see more celebrity reaction to Trump’s speech at the UN.

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