Jedediah Bila Featured In Pre-Taped “The View” Interview With Idris Elba (VIDEO)

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Jedediah Bila The View Idris elba

By Shari Weiss |

Jedediah Bila The View Idris elba


Jedediah Bila controversially left “The View” last month, but she was featured on Wednesday’s new episode. In an otherwise live installment, the ABC talk show included an interview with Idris Elba that was pre-taped before her shocking departure. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, on September 18, Bila unexpectedly announced she was leaving “The View.” She gave no explanation for her exit, but said she’d be focused on writing a book and other unnamed projects. Speculation swirled the conservative panelist’s questioning of Hillary Clinton during a recent interview contributed to her apparent ouster. Adding fuel to that theory, Bila tweeted and then deleted a clip of their exchange. Since then, she’s repeatedly taken to social media to defend her views a libertarian, amid reports ABC has hired Meghan McCain as her replacement.

Now more than two weeks after Bila was seemingly fired, Whoopi Goldberg awkwardly said before a commercial break, “Right before Jed said goodbye — you remember Jed — Idris Elba joined us at the table recently and we’re going to show you that interview right after this.” When the broadcast resumed, an on-screen message noted, “Previously Recorded.” During the interview, Bila asked Elba about what it was like growing up in the London area as the child of a Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian. It’s unclear if Bila was aware she’d be showcased on the show despite no longer being a co-host. Gossip Cop has reached out to comment.

“The View” does pre-tape interviews every now and then, usually due to scheduling issues. For instance, a pre-taped chat with Viola Davis aired on Tuesday’s show. And a few months ago, when the program was pre-empted due to the Congressional shooting, producers decided to tape Kim Kardashian’s scheduled interview and air it the following week. Watch video of Bila’s return of sorts below.

UPDATE: Bila took notice of a fan, who tweeted, “@TheView is @JedediahBila back?? I like her. You all mesh well together!! I miss her. Don’t always agree with her.” She replied, “That was a pre-tape. I’m well on my way in new terrain. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it. And thanks for the kind words!”

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