Jedediah Bila Begs Republicans To Oppose Jeff Sessions On “The View” (VIDEO)

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Jedediah Bila Jeff Sessions The View

By Shari Weiss |

Jedediah Bila Jeff Sessions The View


Jedediah Bila, the conservative-leaning co-host on “The View,” came out against Jeff Sessions on Tuesday’s show. Watch below.

On Tuesday morning, the Senate started its confirmation hearing for Sessions, whom President-elect Donald Trump has nominated to be the U.S. Attorney General. An Alabama senator, Sessions has been accused of having poor ethics and notable conflicts of interest. Now Bila is urging Republicans not to confirm the appointment.

She said on the talk show, “I’d like to make a plea, actually, because this is going on right now with Jeff Sessions. I’d like to make a plea to Republicans to oppose this choice. This is a man who has opposed criminal justice reform.”

“Rand Paul, you’re out here, if anyone on your team is listening, you have fought for criminal justice reform,” Bila said. “People like you in the Republican party, you have fought against these measures that have been disproportionately affecting people, that have caused racial divide in our country. Please oppose someone like this who is divisive. Stand up for what the Republican party should mean, please!”

Bila received applause for her remarks, a change from Monday when “The View” discussed Meryl Streep and she criticized the actress. And Sunny Hostin, who had clashed with her fellow panelist on that hot topic, now said, “To piggyback on that, I think what the American people really need to know is that the Republicans, to be confirmed he needs 51 majority vote. There are 52 seats, Republican seats, in the Senate.”

“So we have power as the American people,” continued Hostin. “You can call your senators. You can call them and say, ‘I do not support this nomination, and if you vote for this person, I won’t vote for you.’ And that gives you a real power.”

But while Bila insisted that there is other people who can uphold the Constitution far better than Sessions, Joy Behar was ready to take “bets” that he would nonetheless be confirmed. Watch below.

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