Jedediah Bila Announces Engagement On “The View” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jedediah Bila engaged

By Shari Weiss |

Jedediah Bila engaged


Jedediah Bila announced her engagement to boyfriend Jeremy on Monday’s “The View.” Watch the video below!

With less than 20 minutes until the live broadcast, ABC teased there would be an “exciting co-host announcement.” When the show started, the announcer hinted, “One of our co-hosts has a life-changing announcement she’s making live.” The panelists them came out to the “Batman” theme music, in memory of the late Adam West, who died on Saturday. Whoopi Goldberg even showed off her “bat shoes.”

The moderator then said, “On a much happier note, something went on over the weekend. I didn’t know anything about it. But what happened, Jed?” Bila then flashed her left hand, asking, “Can anyone in the audience see anything different about me?” The audience cheered upon seeing the sparkling engagement ring.

Bila then amusingly admitted the band is too big, which allowed her to hide the ring as she initially walked out. Of the proposal she said, “He surprised me, took me to a bed and breakfast.” Sunny Hostin then said she wanted “credit” for the engagement.

“I think we had a discussion on Friday. Do we have a clip of that?” she asked. The producers then played footage from last week in which Hostin told Bila on air, “You should get married already!” She now said, “I’m not Nostradamus, but people at this table need to start listening to me!”

That prompted Bila to crack, “You know what I love about Sunny? I’m the one that got engaged, but it’s really her moment!” Hostin then got up to hug her pal, as did Sara Haines. Goldberg watched it all with a bemused expression, going on to say to Bila, “It doesn’t matter if I love you. He’s marrying you!”

The wife-to-be added, “He’s stuck with me, bottom line.” Check out the full video below!

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