Jay-Z Did NOT Need Beyonce’s Permission To Set ‘4:44’ Tour Dates, Despite Report

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Jay Z Tour Dates Beyonce

By Andrew Shuster |

Jay Z Tour Dates Beyonce

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A report claiming Jay-Z needed Beyonce’s permission to set dates for his 4:44 Tour is completely false. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

HollywoodLife claimed a little more than a week ago that the rapper was waiting to schedule a North American tour because his wife wanted him home with their newborn twins. On Monday, however, the rapper announced a 31-city tour to promote his latest album, which will kick off in October. Every single city, venue and date was unveiled on Monday, despite the webloid having recently claimed Jay-Z “is not going to set a date for the tour until Beyonce gives him the go ahead.”

The site went on to quote a supposed “source” as saying, “Right now with the new babies, the last thing on their minds is the tour… He’s leaving the decision on the dates totally up to his wife.” Of course, it’s virtually impossible to schedule a 31-city tour in just over a week, so time has proven the site’s article to be bogus. Regardless, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us the rapper didn’t need his wife’s authorization to go on tour.

In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to call out HollywoodLies for concocting a phony story surrounding the rapper’s babies and new album. Gossip Cop recently busted the site for making up Beyonce’s reaction to Jay-Z releasing his album directly following the birth of their twins. Shortly before that, we exposed the site for creating a tall tale regarding Jay-Z and Beyonce’s twins being released from the hospital. This latest article is equally fabricated.

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