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Jay-Z was not "caught shapeshifting" into a reptile, contrary to an outrageous report. Gossip Cop can confirm this is 100 percent fake news from a webloid that has just as absurdly claimed other stars are secretly reptiles, too.

We're talking about YourNewsWire, a site that seems to promote conspiracy theories without any real evidence to back them up. The outlet is currently announcing in a headline, "Jay-Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX." Though the article was published on Thursday, it begins by asserting, "Dozens of United Airlines passengers claim they saw Jay-Z shapeshift into a reptilian as the rapper and music mogul travelled between New York City and Los Angeles on Friday."

The online publication goes on to refer to a screengrabbed tweet, in which it was written, "V scary. He kept changing shape. He knew more and more people were watching and he got angrier and angrier when he couldn't stop." The timestamp on the alleged tweet is October 22, which is neither Thursday nor Friday, but last Sunday. What's more is that a simple search on Twitter indicates that there's no user with the handle shown. In fact, the website features three additional screengrabs of alleged tweets about Jay-Z becoming a "reptile." All are dated October 22 yet none of the usernames are linked to real accounts.

Still, YourNewsWire bizarrely alleges, "At one point, just before the plane began it's descent, Jay-Z scuttled off to the bathroom, where he spent 'at least 10 minutes,' according to another eyewitness, before emerging with a pale, drawn expression - and then immediately begin shapeshifting again, with the eyes of the entire business class cabin fixed on him." It's further claimed that, "United Airlines, desperate to avoid a new scandal, sent two men with guns and a blanket onboard to shepherd Jay-Z off the flight before any of the other passengers were allowed to leave, according to multiple witnesses."

But why is there no actual documentation if this incident was supposedly witnessed by "dozens" of fellow passengers? The webloid claims that "Twitter exploded with tweets detailing the scene as soon as the plane landed in Los Angeles," and "within minutes, before passengers had even disembarked, the hashtag #ReptilianJayZ had been retweeted thousands of times." But, contends the outlet, "the trending topic began attracting attention on Twitter the tweets with the #ReptilianJayZ hashtag and the accounts behind them began to disappear. The hashtag disappeared from Twitter's top 10 trending topics and now appears to have been airbrushed from history by the social media platform."

But why is only this particular site making such allegations? Surely if all these tweets, and a trending topic, existed, it wouldn't have been only YourNewsWire who took notice. And surely if this mind-boggling event really took place, accounts of what took place wouldn't be limited to only Twitter. The only thing that is actually provable here is that this publication has a history of publishing such crazy claims. In fact, several paragraphs in this story are word for word the same to ones featured in an article from March about Justin Bieber "shapeshifting" into a reptile.

Jay-Z Reptile


Justin Bieber Reptile


It is also common for the website to claim a certain star has witnessed another famous name turning into a reptile. For instance, last month Gossip Cop busted a ridiculous report that falsely claimed Jim Carrey branded Donald Trump a member of the "reptilian Illuminati," and there was also one about Britney Spears supposedly saying Prince William is not human but a "reptile who shifts between human and reptilian form during moments of heightened arousal." Just like this new piece on Jay-Z, all of these prior ones contained fraudulent assertions and no verifiable information. Ironically, YourNewsWire's motto is, "News. Truth. Unfiltered." It seems the site is only hitting the mark on one of those, and it's not "news" or "truth."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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