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Jay-Z did not call Jesus "fake news," nor did he praise Lucifer as "the way of truth and light." Gossip Cop can expose a completely made-up story featuring fabricated quotes.

The outrageous claims are coming from YourNewsWire, which is quoting the rap mogul as supposedly saying, "Jesus Christ is the original fake news. Jesus never walked the earth, y'all being played. The idea of Jesus is just a tool used by smart people to control dumb people." The site further alleges Jay-Z spoke about "fully embracing my older bother, Lucifer." It's alleged he made these comments during a "backstage rant at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday."

But Jay-Z's "4:44 Tour" concert in New Orleans was on Thursday, not Friday. When an outlet is making huge allegations like this, the seemingly minor details, like where and when, really do matter. It is significant that while throwing out assertions no other publication has made, YourNewsWire apparently doesn't even know when the show actually took place. And, of course, it's fishy that if the music legend really went on such a "rant," only this particular website heard about it, even though the remarks were supposedly made in front of a "small crowd of ticket winners."

The article goes on to claim Jay-Z blamed Satanism's "bad rap" on "mentally challenged Christians and their desire to be slaves" and said "Christianity is a fake religion, built by [expletive]." It's further alleged, "The '99 Problems' rapper also hinted at his Satanic beliefs onstage, telling audiences to ignore the rules of the venue and the security staff trying to enforce them. Instead of respecting the rules, Jay-Z instructed his audience to 'Do what thou wilt.'"

But like there's not a single other article to corroborate any of these purported "backstage" quotes, there also isn't any evidence to back up the contentions about Jay-Z's "onstage" behavior, either. It seems possible that this faux report, which in and of itself is fake news, was concocted because Jay-Z has a song called "Lucifer." Released in 2003, the track features the performer rapping about Lucifer, Jesus and Christianity. YourNewsWire even includes video of him performing it in the article. But that video is from 2013. And having a song from 14 years ago that addresses similar topics is in no way proof that Jay-Z made these alleged remarks a few days ago. In short, the site actually has no proof.

And a quick Google search indicates that these supposed quotes don't appear anywhere but on YourNewsWire, which has a history of manufacturing statements and falsely attributing them to celebrities. What's more is this is the same outlet that last month claimed Jay-Z was "caught shapeshifting" into a reptile on a United Airlines flight. Just like now, it was the only publication to make such a wild accusation, despite the supposed incident occurring in a public place. But that "shapeshifting" plane event never happened, just like Jay-Z didn't have a "disturbing conversation" about Jesus being "fake news" at his concert.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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