Beyonce NOT “Afraid Jay-Z Will Cheat Again,” Despite Report

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Beyonce Jay Z Cheat Again

By Andrew Shuster |

Beyonce Jay Z Cheat Again

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Beyonce is not “afraid Jay-Z will cheat again,” despite an inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it simply isn’t true.

In a candid interview last month with T: The New York Times Style Magazine, the rapper admitted to “infidelity” and revealed that he and his wife had sought couples counseling to repair their marriage. The latest issue of Life & Style, however, claims that Beyonce has never truly forgiven her husband’s transgressions. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Ever since Jay admitted to cheating, Beyonce can’t stop thinking about it. Jay thought once he came clean, she would forgive him. But instead it’s made things worse.”

Jay Z was on the road for his 4:44 tour throughout most of November and December, prompting the outlet’s alleged insider to claim his wife “was living in constant fear that he would cheat again.” The seemingly phony source adds, “Beyonce and Jay had a short honeymoon phase where they came together for their twins. But that didn’t last. Beyonce can’t seem to get past his cheating.”

Although it undoubtedly took time for Beyonce to gain back trust in her husband following his infidelity, which is one of the reasons the couple went to therapy together, the tabloid’s take on the situation isn’t correct. Gossip Cop is exclusively told by a source close to the spouses that the singer isn’t worried about her husband being unfaithful again. In fact, it’s been widely reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship is stronger than ever following both therapy and the arrival of their twins earlier this year.

It should be noted, OK! was quick to post Life & Style’s bogus story on its website without bothering to do any fact-checking. Unfortunately, Gossip Cop suspects other unreliable tabloids will also continue to spread the false narrative. Regardless, we’re told this rehashed drama between the spouses is made-up.

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