Jay-Z was not "dazed & confused" during his birthday outing with Beyonce, despite a claim. A webloid is sensationally twisting the couple's date night into something scandalous. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news story.

Jay-Z turned 48 on Monday. That night, he and Beyonce celebrated by going to the Angelika Film Center in New York City, which the songstress rented out for a private screening of Wonder Wheel. Paparazzi took photos and video of the pair when the venue's elevator opened up at street level so they could access their waiting car. Given the setting of the snapshots, People observed, "Beyonce and JAY-Z Happily Pose Up in an Elevator 3 Years After Infamous Solange Knowles Fight." Us Weekly tweeted, "Beyonce and Jay-Z find love in an elevator for the rapper's birthday!"

But this is what RadarOnline is blaring on its website: "BIZARRE PHOTOS: Jay-Z Looks Dazed & Confused During Birthday Outing With Beyonce." Mind you, the site has the same pictures as the aforementioned outlets. Neither one even suggested the rapper looked remotely "dazed" or was the least bit "confused." In fact, the video linked above shows him looking and acting completely normal. But the blog is asking, "What is going on with Jay-Z? During his birthday outing in New York City this Monday, the rapper looked dazed and confused while stepping out with stunning wife Beyonce." It's claimed, "His eyes were practically closed as photographers tried to zoom in on his face, and his smile seemed bizarre and totally crooked!"

Because this is clickbait, readers are then encouraged to click through the gallery to see what are supposed to be alarming photos. But the pictures don't match the captions in the slightest. "Jay-Z celebrated 48 with a wild night, fans can speculate thanks to recent photos," contends the outlet. Actually, as noted above, he watched a movie at a well-known theater. But though the online publication acknowledges he had a "low-key evening," it also asserts that his "his faded expression suggested otherwise." This text is accompanied by a snapshot of Jay-Z smiling as he exits the elevator.

Alongside a similar photo of the rap legend, in which his eyes and smile are both wide, the webloid even claims Jay-Z "appeared to be falling asleep in every single one of the snaps." Huh?! As clearly seen in the picture featured, he wasn't "falling asleep" at all, and the footage shows him completely awake and talking. Still, the site goes on to note that Jay-Z and Beyonce go on a lot of outings, "this being the strangest one, by far." No, what's strange is a blog claiming things that are completely contradicted by visual and audio evidence.

The only real news here is that Beyonce and Jay-Z went on for his birthday and, arguably, it's noteworthy that they happened to take pictures in an elevator. But there was nothing "bizarre" about his appearance, which is why no reliable outlet has made the same observation. RadarOnline has a history of being detached from reality, particularly when it thinks it can gain traffic by peddling something questionable instead of simply reporting the truth. That's why the publication wrongly claimed Beyonce was pregnant before she performed at the Super Bowl in 2016. They want readers to click, even if the subject matter isn't accurate. Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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