Jay Z “4:44” Album, Beyonce Lyrics Debated On “The View” (VIDEO)

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The View Jay Z Album

By Shari Weiss |

The View Jay Z Album


The new Jay Z album, 4:44, and the lyrics that are believed to be about Beyonce were debated on “The View” on Tuesday. Check out the video below.

Most of the co-hosts praised Jay Z for what they interpreted as candor and honesty about his famous marriage. “I was really impressed with that. I like his new album,” Sunny Hostin said, reading off some of the lyrics that seemingly reference Beyonce and their kids. “Sometimes when men have little girls, they realize, ‘Oh my goodness, what I’m doing as a man is harming this woman I love so much.'”

Joy Behar wasn’t sure that “coming clean” is the right choice. “You’re married for a while. Maybe somebody had a little bit of an affair. You moved on. It’s like a kidney stone. It’ll pass,” she said, alluding to Jay Z seemingly using the record to take responsibility for affairs. The comedienne suggested, “What are you doing when you bring that up?… You’re purging the guilt and then you’re giving this person something to use against you.”

Sara Haines countered, “I think from the sounds of this and her Lemondade, it was too deep that they had to come clean. I think it’s relatable. I don’t like when people use social media to put forth a false image of happiness… When people air it out, we can all relate.” Jedediah Bila also commented, “I give him a lot of credit for even being able to recognize [his mistakes]. It’s hard enough to recognize your own mistakes that you’ve made privately, let alone to tell the world, ‘This is my ownership of this period and this is how we fixed it.'”

Bila continued, “I don’t know a lot about him personally, but watching this made me want to get to know him more as an artist, as a human behind this art form.” Hostin then said to Whoopi Goldberg, “Don’t you agree, Whoopi?” But she bluntly responded, “I do not.” She went on to argue against Jay Z being so candid, and even suggested he wasn’t necessarily being honest, but just crafting intriguing lyrics for the sake of art.

“Your business is your business, to me. It’s how I was raised. You don’t put all your business out,” she insisted, explaining, “These are artists. These may be artistically told. You will never actually know what’s going on in their lives. That’s the truth. They are private people. You’re not gonna know.”

Goldberg went on, “It’s very nice that it seems like that, but let’s be realistic here…. You don’t know people’s real lives. These are real people who are artists who are writing the music of their lives. It doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of their lives… That doesn’t mean he’s not a great guy and she’s not a great girl. It just means a lot people don’t tell you everything. They’ll give you a good beat, but we’re not telling you everything.” Watch the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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