Jax “White Flag” American Idol Video: Watch Singer’s “Phenomenal” Dido Cover

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Jax White Flag American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jax White Flag American Idol Video


Jax gave a “phenomenal” performance of “White Flag” on Wednesday’s “American Idol.” Watch below!

The singer has had some ups and downs throughout the competition, but won praise during both rounds of “Arena Anthems Night.” Starting off with Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” Keith Urban exclaimed, “That’s how you open a show right there!” Jennifer Lopez said Jax’s “total abandon” shows that she’s “ready for tour,” which she’ll get to do now that she’s made the “Idol” Top 5. And Harry Connick Jr. said if her concerts are “anything like that, I would have a helluva time at the show.”

But Jax greatly slowed things down for her second performance, doing a spot-on cover of Dido’s emotional ballad. Urban said it was “really great” to see the contestant at the piano, and confessed, “I was just completely riveted.” Lopez explained that after the first upbeat performance, she felt that Jax needed to show “more gravitas if she’s gonna win.” And then the aspiring star delivered. “That is exactly what you needed to do right now,” said Lopez.

The superstar went on, “That just tells me that your instincts as an artist and everything about you is so perfectly ready to be in this business and a recording industry. That was so beautiful to watch.” And Connick declared the rendition “phenomenal… That’s all I can say.” Check out both performances below, and tell us if you think Jax is on her way to the finale!


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