Jax “Human” American Idol Video: Singer’s Raw Emotion “Trumps Everything” On Christina Perri Cover — WATCH HERE!

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Jax Human American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jax Human American Idol Video


Jax gave a stunningly emotional performance of “Human” on Wednesday’s “American Idol.” Check out the video below!

The contestants were asked to pick songs that represented their “soul,” and Jax went really raw with the Christina Perri ballad, which, coincidentally, was also performed on “The Voice” this week, as Gossip Cop reported. The performance was extremely moving, and won raves from the judges.

In fact, Harry Connick Jr. initially couldn’t speak over the crowd’s cheers, prompting him to quip, “I think they liked it.” And on a night when some seemed to have trouble connecting with the lyrics, Connick said Jax’s performance was the “perfect example” when the “emotional” was more important than the “technical.” He commended Jax for really letting go, “a result of you being so uncomfortable throughout this process. He added, “And ultimately, that trumps everything.”

Keith Urban thought it was a “perfect song,” because Jax is “fragile” and “only human.” Jennifer Lopez said she loved it, too, and thought the lyrics and her tone went together incredibly well. The superstar also noted, “I love the way you look into the audience’s eyes when you connect with people in the audience.”

Earlier in the episode, after finding out she made the Top 4, Jax performed “Empire State of Mind,” with Lopez telling her she has the “potential” to win the entire competition. And Connick called the performance a “mini showcase,” noting that Jax “killed it” even though her voice was hoarse. Watch both videos below!


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