Jason Sudeikis: Blake Lively Was Better “SNL” Host Than Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

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Jason Sudeikis Taylor Swift SNL Blake Lively

By Andrew Shuster |

Jason Sudeikis Taylor Swift SNL Blake Lively

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Jason Sudeikis explained why Blake Lively was a better “Saturday Night Live” host than Taylor Swift during Tuesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Watch the funny video below!

The former “SNL” star was asked by “WWHL” host Andy Cohen which “sketch made him laugh the most.” Sudeikis revealed that it was a skit titled “Potato Chip,” in which his character blows a job interview at NASA after stealing one of the boss’s (Will Forte) potato chips and lying about it.

The skit was originally performed with Swift, but was cut at dress rehearsal and never made it to air. However, the bit was eventually brought back for Lively’s episode. “Swifty couldn’t get it over the goal line, but then Blake Lively brought it home,” Sudeikis said. He then joked, “And ever since then I’ve always viewed Taylor Swift as an absolute failure.”

The comedian went on to jokingly diss the pop star, adding, “I don’t know what she does right, but whatever it is, it’s certainly not skits.” Sudeikis did offer an explanation, however, as to why Swift couldn’t deliver. “She probably had a ton of other great things and she also probably had to save her voice cause she was singing as well,” the actor said. “Me, Blake, and Will, we don’t have to sing so we can just act the hell out of a scene and leave it there.”

Watch the funny video below in which Jason Sudeikis jokingly dubs Taylor Swift a “failure,” and tell us what you think.


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