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Jason Momoa is known for his unique presence. From his energetic personality to his long hair, it wouldn't be hard to spot the 6'4'' actor, especially because of his distinct scar. Momoa's scar has become his signature, much like Jennifer Lopez's legs or Mariah Carey's voice. However, he wasn't born with the scar. Even though it was obtained through an accident, he made it work in his favor.

Prior to becoming Aquaman, the Hawaii-native began modeling at the age of 19. Following this, Momoa landed a few small roles in several films and television shows. If many remember Momoa in his earlier years, he didn't have the facial mark. Before landing the role of Conan the Barbarian, Momoa was involved in a fight at the Birds Cafe in Hollywood. The actor was effectively slashed across his face with a beer glass by his assailant, resulting in Momoa receiving stitches and the now-trademark scar.

While his attacker was sentenced to five years in jail, Momoa walked away with the scar. The whole ordeal would deter many, but not him. "It was crazy, a guy smashed a pint glass in my face. I got a little over 140 stitches in my face," Momoa told Access in 2011. "It helped get those mean roles."

Jason Momoa likes to get dirty

What were those mean roles? Momoa's breakthrough role was Khal Drogo on the HBO fantasy-drama Game of Thrones. Even though his character was killed in the first season, it cemented his place in Hollywood. From there, the actor landed the role of Aquaman in the DC films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Aquaman.

The most common theme in most of the characters he portrays is they all like to get down and dirty, something Momoa is completely comfortable with. "The rain and the dirt and mud—it makes it easier to act. I was in a green room for seven months waving my arms at nothing," he said of his experience as the aquatic hero in an interview with Esquire.

Most recently, Momoa portrayed Declan Harp on the Netflix period-drama Frontier. The role allowed him to be in the rural areas of Canada and dig deeper into his emotional side. The father of two shared that he feels best being able to tap into his natural roots, since he grew up in Hawaii and enjoys doing activities outdoors. As far the scar that came from an life-altering moment? The actor's determination to use it for good has worked in his favor — even his wife, actress Lisa Bonet, digs the scar, which adds to Momoa's confidence in it.


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