Fake Three-Breasted Woman Insists Boobs Are “Real,” Refuses To Prove It (VIDEO)

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Three Boob Woman

By Daniel Gates |

Three Boob Woman


Remember Jasmine Tridevil, the supposed three-boobed woman accused of perpetrating a hoax? She’s back! And she insists her three breasts are real. “I know my t*ts are real, and I don’t care what anybody thinks,” insists Tridevil, who clearly cares what everybody thinks. She declares, “The media is very corrupt. They were making up stories that I’m a professional hoaxer.” Watch the video below.

A dominatrix from Tampa, Tridevil wants to convince the world she’s not a fraud. “The world actually hates me. I get nothing but negative comments. They think that I’m an attention whore, and it’s true. I do love attention, and I’m not ashamed of it.” Good to know. Why did she get her third breast? “I wanted to make myself unattractive [to] men sexually. I just didn’t want to be approached by men anymore.”

Surgeons refused to perform the operation, with one doctor even calling her “crazy” and suggesting she go to a mental hospital. Tridevil claims she finally found a surgeon willing to do the procedure for $20,000. Unfortunately, she claims he forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, meaning she can’t name him, certainly not helping her case that this isn’t all a hoax.

Tridevil claims the report that a breast prothesis was discovered in her bag at the airport, putting the kibosh on her three-boob stunt, was all a misunderstanding. She insists it was actually a mold of her chest, which she had made at the request of a fan, and NOT a prosthetic boob. Asked if she would be willing to prove she has three breasts, Tridevil replies, “I don’t feel like I need to prove it.” Tridevil also says she’ll never do a topless shoot, because it’s “against the way I was raised.” Watch the video below.


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