Jared Fogle Appealing Prison Sentence

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Jared Fogle Appeals Sex Conviction

By Andrew Shuster |

Jared Fogle Appeals Sex Conviction

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Jared Fogle is appealing his prison sentence, and has filed a notice of appeal stemming from his child sex and pornography conviction, for which he was sentenced to more than 15 years behind bars.

As Gossip Cop reported, Fogle pleaded guilty last month to traveling for the purpose of having sex with minors, as well as receiving and distributing child pornography. At the time, the former Subway spokesperson acknowledged he was pleading guilty on his own accord, and would forfeit his constitutional right to trial. As part of his plea deal, Fogle agreed to waive his right to an appeal as long as his sentence didn’t exceed a maximum of 12 and a half years behind bars.

The judge, however, wasn’t beholden to the plea deal, and ultimately sentenced him to a term longer than expected. Now Fogle’s lawyers are seeking a reduction in sentence from the 15.6 years in prison he’s currently expected to serve. The specific grounds for the appeal have not yet been disclosed.

His team is expected to submit a legal brief to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago by January 25. Tell Gossip Cop below what you think about this latest development in Fogle’s case.


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