Janice Freeman “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch “I’m Going Down” Performance

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Janice Freeman Voice Knockouts

By Shari Weiss |

Janice Freeman Voice Knockouts


Janice Freeman showed she’s clearly going up on “The Voice” on Monday with her killer Knockouts performance of “I’m Going Down.” Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Freeman’s show-stopping Battle with Katrina Ross on “The Voice” last week led to a standing ovation from all four judges. Miley Cyrus could pick only one of the artists to stay on her team, and she chose Freeman. Still, it was a happy ending for Ross, who was stolen by Jennifer Hudson.

Now Freeman had to face off with another member of Team Miley, but this time around, she had to sing separately, instead of doing a duet. For her showdown with Karli Webster, the vocal powerhouse chose a hit by Mary J. Blige. In rehearsal with key advisor Kelly Clarkson, Freeman was told her voice was “perfect” for covering Blige. Still, she was encouraged not to mimic every run. Meanwhile, Webster selected “Blue Bayou” as her song choice. Clarkson thought her voice was “different than anybody on the show,” making her a “force to be reckoned with.

Even before their big performances, Cyrus predicted, “This is going to be a really tough choice.” And as Webster performed, the pop star could be heard saying, “I love her voice.” But then Freeman just owned the stage. Jennifer Hudson even stood before she was done and gave her a standing ovation at the end. “I can’t even believe that was a pairing,” Adam Levine said afterward, saying he was “in love” with Freeman. Blake Shelton acknowledged that Webster was “at the top of her game,” but said Freeman “blew the roof off the place.” He admitted, “There’s almost no choice.”

“Janice, you almost made me throw my shoe. I just couldn’t get it off,” Hudson amusingly confessed. But the final decision was Cyrus’. She found the two singers’ talents to be “completely equal” with performances that were “both perfection,” but named Freeman the victor. Watch the videos below!

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