Janice Freeman, Katrina Rose “The Voice” Battle Video – Watch “Woman” Performance

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Janice Freeman Katrina Ross Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Janice Freeman Katrina Ross Voice Battle Video


Janice Freeman and Katrina Rose covered Etta James during “The Voice” Battles on Monday. Afterward, one of the singers was stolen by another coach. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the Battles are the second stage of the NBC music competition. After each coach picks 12 artists during the Blind Auditions, they have to cut their teams in half during this round. To facilitate that, the singers are put together in pairs and have to give duet performances. Afterward, the coach chooses one person to keep on the team, letting go of the other. That person is typically eliminated… unless a rival coach steps and steals them.

For this match-up, Cyrus tasked Freeman and Rose with singing James’ song, “W.O.M.A.N.” In rehearsals, where her dad Billy Ray Cyrus served as a special guest advisor, the pop star said she put the pair of contestants together because they both have big voices. And the song choice, she said, is “what Team Miley is all about this season.” Billy Ray thought both had the “Janis Joplin effect” and said they “immersed” him “into the reason why I love music.”

Freeman and Rose ended up delivering a show-stopping performance, with all four coaches giving a standing ovation. Freeman performed so intensely, her bracelet went flying, leading Levine to retrieve it for her. He said the two women ripped the roof off the place, adding, “That wasn’t girl power. That was something above girl power. I don’t even understand it yet.” Shelton said Freeman had a “world-class” and unforgettable voice and amusingly said Ross’ intensity is a good match for the WWE. “She was ready to kill somebody,” he joked, admitting he wanted to “see some more.”

Meanwhile, Hudson said both singers “made me even more proud to be a woman.” As noted above, Cyrus could only choose to move forward with just one of them. She ultimately picked Freeman. That meant Rose was on the chopping block and about to go home, until Hudson pushed her button for the save. Watch the video below!

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