Are Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson "mending fences"? A report claims the famous aunt and niece are now reconciling after years of feuding. Gossip Cop can separate fact from fiction.

The story in question can be found in the pages of OK!, which alleges Janet is "reconnecting" with Paris in the wake of her separation from husband Wissam Al Mana earlier this year. Contends the tabloid, "Relations have been icy between the two since 2012, when Janet got into a screaming match with Paris — then 14 and under her grandmother's guardianship — and the two reportedly traded slaps." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Paris was a wild child back then, and Janet thought she needed discipline. But she isn't proud of the away she lost her temper."

While it's true the Jackson family had a dispute that unfortunately went public, TMZ actually retracted a report that erroneously claimed Janet slapped Paris and verbally abused her during the incident. OK!, it seems, chose to go with the wrong version of events, despite the correction being issued five years ago. What's also notable that, aside from mentioning that single "screaming match," the outlet doesn't provide one other example of Paris and Janet feuding.

But even though nothing else is said to support the publication's contention that they've had "icy" relations since 2012, its purported tipster now maintains Janet's "view of family" has "changed" now that she has her own child, sparking their reconciliation. Yet at the beginning of the article, the tabloid suggested the peace-making was due to the end of Janet's marriage, writing, "When one door closes, another opens." Regardless of the supposed catalyst, the alleged source asserts, "She's made her apologies to Paris, who she thinks has grown into a lovely young woman, and they're talking again. Janet is rethinking her life, and she wants Paris in it."

Gossip Cop wishes the magazine would rethink its "reporting." We can never forget that this is the same outlet that actually claimed last year that Janet was faking her pregnancy to hide a "cancerous tumor." After that egregiously untrue allegation, the publication's credibility is shot. And, as noted above, here it has decided to lean on an inaccurate retelling of an incident from 2012 to allege Paris and Janet have spent years feuding, despite providing no additional proof. The story and the place it comes from just aren't trustworthy.

And when Gossip Cop spoke with our own Jackson family contacts, we were told by multiple people that there's nothing to suddenly mend between aunt and niece. "I've never heard anything about an ongoing feud," one told us, while another said, "There isn't any beef." Janet and Paris may not be super close, but that doesn't mean there's been a long-lasting problem, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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