Janet Jackson Nude Photos: Outlets Shamefully Post Alleged Invasive Naked Pictures

Janet Jackson Nude Photos

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Janet Jackson Nude Photos

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Alleged nude photos of Janet Jackson, apparently taken by paparazzi in a gross invasion of privacy, surfaced on MediaTakeOut and other disreputable sites on Friday. While the explicit pictures have not been confirmed as Jackson, they appear to be from a batch of images of the singer that have circulated for years, and they represent yet another example of a celebrity’s private space being violated by photographers during a week which saw Bruce Jenner victimized by similar tactics.

The explicit pictures posted on MediaTakeOut show someone resembling Jackson sunbathing naked. There is no information on when or where the photos were taken, though they appear to have been surreptitiously snapped while she was on private property. Laying on a lounge chair in what looks to be a pool setting, the woman said to be Jackson appears completely naked, with her breasts and nether regions fully visible.

The snapshots are actually years old and have been available on the web for quite some time. Mind-bogglingly, MediaTakeOut even wrote that the “paparazzi VIOLATED Janet Jackson” and are “disrespectful,” and yet the webloid apparently didn’t think twice before re-posting the graphic photos. Of course, the site has proven again and again to be shameless, and, to use its own words, violates and disrespects celebrities are a near-daily basis.

If authentic, Jackson would be the latest celebrity to have nude photos of herself spread online. As Gossip Cop reported, personal naked photos of Charlotte McKinney leaked just last week after the model was seemingly hacked, six months after Hollywood was rocked by a massive hacking scandal that led to dozens of stars’ nude pictures leaking.

Jackson was not involved in that, and has spent most of her time out of the spotlight lately. In fact, just last week the singer responded to a mock “missing” poster created by fans, calling it “too funny” and “too sweet.” These pictures are less “sweet.” Gossip Cop understands that invasive images of vulnerable celebrities generates money for unscrupulous outlets, but it does not make the practice any less disgusting.


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