Janet Jackson: “I Do Not Have Cancer,” Despite Rumors (VIDEO)

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Janet Jackson cancer

By Michael Lewittes |

Janet Jackson cancer

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Janet Jackson does not have cancer, despite a new tabloid report. The singer herself addressed the unfounded rumor on Wednesday night, issuing a statement via a video that read, “The rumors are untrue. I do not have cancer. I am recovering.” See the video below.

It all begin earlier in the day with a completely unsubstantiated story in the National Enquirer. According to a headline in the supermarket tabloid, Jackson is in a “deadly cancer crisis.” The magazine further alleged that she’s “facing a life-and-death health crisis.” “Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords,” an unnamed source is quoted as saying in the Enquirer article, which notes that it could be “cancerous.” Thankfully, the outlet is, once again wrong and Jackson does not have cancer.

Most of the rest of the tabloid’s story is filled with how Jackson has had to postpone concerts after needing some surgery. As Gossip Cop reported on Christmas Eve, the singing legend announced on Twitter that because of an undisclosed ailment, she was “forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring.” In her video statement on Wednesday, which was prefaced with the words, “From my lips,” Jackson informed her fans that she will still perform the concerts she had scheduled in Europe and “the postponed shows will be rescheduled.”

Before reassuring her fans that she does not have cancer, Jackson’s song “The Great Forever” played with the very apt lyrics, “Sources say but where ya getting it, Don’t create the truth you like.” Well, far from creating a truth, the Enquirer manufactured an untruth about Jackson having cancer. Watch the singer’s video statement below that debunks the malicious rumor.


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