Janet Jackson Body Shamed By RadarOnline One Month After Giving Birth

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Janet Jackson Body Shamed

By Shari Weiss |

Janet Jackson Body Shamed

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Janet Jackson is getting body-shamed by RadarOnline, just one month after giving birth. On Friday, the webloid published an article cruelly asking, “Janet Jackson Doomed To Be Fat Forever?”

The mean-spirited piece says, “Janet Jackson’s pregnancy weight was still visible as she emerged from her London home on one of her first outings since giving birth to her baby son. Meanwhile, a top doctor, who has not treated Jackson, warned that the singer may be doomed to be fat forever.”

Because there’s little the site loves more than clickbait, readers are urged to “click through” a photo gallery “to see Jackson and her struggle to drop the extra pounds.” The outlet goes on to ask, “What is she hiding?” and speculates a supposed family feud “may have had a drastic effect on her weight.” There’s no proof to support that, of course, but it’s said, “The new mom packed on 80 pounds during her pregnancy and looked like she hadn’t lost a single ounce on February 6, 2017.”

For the record: Jackson gave birth on January 3. Because she has not met RadarOnline’s timeline for slimming down, she apparently deserves to be called out. That aforementioned doctor, who has never even met the singer, says her weight loss “will require enormous discipline, a lot of exercise and fastidious dieting.” But, this medical professional dramatically warns, “She might be saddled with the weight forever.”

The online publication ends its story by asking readers, “What do you think about Janet’s bulky look?” Frankly, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Jackson’s “look,” let alone an insensitive blog. But the performer is hardly the first celebrity to be targeted by the webloid.

Last June, for instance, after years of criticizing her thin appearance, RadarOnline shamed Tori Spelling for supposedly gaining weight. The following month, Kim Kardashian was called “disgusting” for suffering from psoriasis. And in the fall, even Michelle Obama wasn’t immune from a “weight gain” story, complete with a body size-focused photo gallery. It’s abundantly clear what’s disgusting and deserves to be shamed, and it’s not any of these stars.

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