Here’s Why ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jana Duggar Might Be Courting

The Duggar family siblings sitting at their kitchen table in their Arkansas home

By Brianna Morton |

The Duggar family siblings sitting at their kitchen table in their Arkansas home

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Jana Duggar, at 30 years old, is a bit of a standout in her family. Infamous for their kids marrying young, the Duggar family patriarch and matriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle, have married off eight of their children so far. There’s a rumor that notoriously single Jana might be heading that way herself if the fan theory that she’s being “courted” by another reality star is true.

Lawson Bates, of Growing Up Bates fame, is the man rumored to be courting Jana. These rumors all started after Lawson’s sister, Carlin Stewart, uploaded a video to her Instagram story of Lawson, Jana, Carlin, and Jana’s 14-year-old sister, Johanna, playing cards. While a friendly game of cards between friends and family might seem like no big deal, some fans have theorized online that this is actually a sign that a courtship is happening.

There are hints of Jana Duggar’s courtship

The Duggar family follows strict rules when it comes to courting, and one of those rules is that a Duggar sibling must act as a chaperone on dates. Carlin, 21, is a friend of Jana’s younger sister Joy-Anna, who is 22 years old. Though the Bates and the Duggar families are close, it seems a little out of the ordinary for Jana to be hanging out with her teenage sister and her younger sister’s friend. It all makes sense, the online theorizers say, if the purpose of the visit was actually part of the courtship between Lawson and Jana.

On Valentine’s Day, Lawson dropped a major hint that he’s still on the hunt for Princess Charming. Wearing a dapper blue suit and holding a long stemmed red rose, à la The Bachelor, Lawson captioned the Instagram photo with a sweet message. “Hi, I’m late for Valentine’s Day but it seems my girlfriend is too.” Lawson followed up that sweetness with a little bit of sass, writing, “FYI, your rose is wilting so pls make yourself known ASAP.”

Waiting for Mr. Right doesn’t mean literally waiting

For her part, Jana has also remained optimistic about her romantic prospects. In an interview with Crown of Beauty, Jana confessed she’s still on the lookout for love and talked about the struggles that come with waiting for that Mr. Right. “I know how it feels to wait for ‘Prince Charming’ to come along. I’m still waiting. Waiting is not always easy.” Jana’s not the type to sit around twiddling her thumbs while waiting on a man to look her way, though.

“But waiting doesn’t mean sitting and literally waiting… I’ve found that when I’m having a hard or discouraging day, I try to look for ways to bless or serve someone else. And in turn, it usually blesses and encourages me!” Whether or not this supposed courtship with Lawson works out, Jana is certain to be just fine.