Jamie Lee Curtis “Hissy Fit” At Comic-Con?

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Jamie Lee Curtis Hissy Fit Comic Con

By Shari Weiss |

Jamie Lee Curtis Hissy Fit Comic Con

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Did Jamie Lee Curtis throw a “hissy fit” at Comic-Con? A report claims she went into a “rampage” at the convention. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and found out what really happened.

“You’re never too hold to have a hissy fit,” writes Star, which claims Curtis “went on a curse-filled rampage before interviews for ‘Scream Queens’ had even begun.'” A so-called “witness” is quoted as saying, “A group of journalists were waiting in a hotel room for her, and the moment the door opened, Jamie lost it.”

“She just started yelling ‘F*ck, what the f*ck is this?!’ and stormed out,” alleges the supposed source, who guesses that “Jamie was irked about being met with several journalists versus one-on-one interviews.” The outlet’s tipster notes, “Half an hour later, she walked back in as if nothing happened. It was very, very strange.”

No, what’s “strange” is this dust-up allegedly happened in front of a “group of journalists,” and yet Star is the only one reporting it. That’s because Gossip Cop has learned this version of events if far from accurate. We’re exclusively told that Curtis did open a door to a room “by mistake and was caught off-guard.”

But she later returned for cast interviews and photos, in addition to sitting with the assembled journalists. Curtis was also joined by John Stamos, who isn’t even mentioned in the Star story. “There was absolutely no storming out of an interview with a group of journalists,” says our contact. And that’s why only a tabloid, and no reputable news outlet, is saying otherwise.

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