Jamie Lee Curtis was stopped by a cop for jaywalking, according to a tabloid report. But Gossip Cop couldn't find any real evidence that this alleged incident actually went down.

Star is running a story with the headline, "Jaywalking Jamie Lee Gets Kicked To The Curb." The tabloid contends the Halloween star "got a real-life scare after being caught jaywalking in Beverly Hills." A so-called "tattletale" is quoted as saying, "Jamie barely got three steps off the sidewalk when a motorcycle cop pulled up." The gossip magazine asserts Curtis "froze in her tracks, clearly not used to being on the wrong side of the law."

"The cop gave her a huge lecture on the dangers of jaywalking, but let her off with a warning," adds the outlet's alleged witness. But the lack of a ticket is convenient explanation for why there is no police record for this supposed encounter. Nor does the publication have any photo documentation. On the contrary, the article is illustrated with a picture of an unidentified cop (or a stock photo of an actor portraying one) writing a ticket. That's despite the story itself saying Curtis was "let off" with only a "warning," which are typically verbalized.

It's also strange that it's not said when this purported traffic violation took place, or specifically where, even though Beverly Hills has a lot of famous streets. Furthermore, when Gossip Cop scoured the internet for proof to give this tale any legitimacy, we found paparazzi photos of Curtis jaywalking... in 2009. This also isn't the first time Star has run a suspect story about the actress.

Last year, the tabloid falsely accused Curtis of throwing a "hissy fit" and going on a "rampage" at Comic-Con. The incident supposedly happened in front of a "group of journalists," and yet no other outlet or reporter wrote about it. Similarly, no other publication has reported on Curtis being caught jaywalking by a cop. And, for what it's worth, a Curtis contact, speaking on the condition of anonymity, never heard about this alleged police run-in, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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