Jamie Foxx Did NOT Reach Out To Tom Cruise About Katie Holmes, Despite Report

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Jamie Foxx Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

By Michael Lewittes |

Jamie Foxx Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

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Jamie Foxx did not reach out to Katie Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise to “clear the air” and ask his “forgiveness,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s a “complete fabrication.”

RadarOnline asserts in a story filled with a slew of fictitious claims that Foxx wants to “make amends” to Cruise for dating Holmes. According to the repeatedly disproven site, Holmes supposedly signed a five-year contract that reportedly “forbid her to date publicly,” and now that the time has lapsed she walked with Foxx had-in-hand on the beach in Malibu because she has “nothing to hide.” The outlet further maintains, “As the couple comes out of hiding… Foxx has reached out to former friend Cruise in hopes of leaving any drama or bad feelings behind.”

To back-up its phony premise, the blog quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Jamie wants Tom’s forgiveness… They got along great while working together years ago on [Collateral]… He really hopes they can put it all behind them and make amends.” The same alleged tipster adds, “Katie doesn’t think that Jamie has anything to feel bad about, but she knows it would mean a lot to him to clear the air with Tom. Katie just wants everyone to be happy.”

The “source” further asserts that Foxx reached out to Cruise not only to “clear the air,” but also to “encourage him to be more involved in 11-year-old Suri’s life.” “More than anything, he wants to reassure Tom he’s never trash-talked him as a friend and urge him to spend more time with Suri,” concludes the ill-informed or made-up “source.”

Much of the RadarOnline article is untrue, Gossip Cop has learned from sources close to both Foxx and Holmes. For starters, Holmes and Foxx have not come out of hiding or as a couple. They were photographed by paparazzi using long lens. They did not expect their walk on the beach to become public.

Also, the nature of their relationship has been greatly exaggerated and wrongly speculated on for a long time. They occasionally go out. But there will be no wedding or babies like the tabloids have falsely claimed for years.

Additionally, the claim that Cruise and Holmes had a contract that forbid her from dating for five years is simply a lie. The website’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, floated that falsehood a year ago. We corrected that concocted claim back then and another source close to the situation assured us again that it’s “bulls**t.” There has been “nothing to stop” Holmes from dating and we’re told Cruise frankly wouldn’t care.

The biggest lie, however, is the website’s contention that Foxx reached out to Cruise to “clear the air” about Holmes and ask “forgiveness.” Nor did Foxx urge Cruise to “spend more time” with his daughter Suri. The alleged phone call never happened. A Foxx confidant guarantees Gossip Cop the site’s entire premise is a “complete fabrication.”