Jamie Foxx Never Adopted Suri Cruise, Despite Report A Year Ago

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Jamie Foxx Adopted Katie Holmes

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jamie Foxx Adopted Katie Holmes

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Jamie Foxx never adopted Suri Cruise, despite a report a year ago that claimed he intended to become the legal father of Katie Holmes’ daughter. Gossip Cop busted the false story exactly 12 months ago. Now time has proven we were right.

On April 27, 2017, we examined a National Enquirer article that alleged Holmes wanted Foxx to ask Tom Cruise, Suri’s biological but estranged dad, for permission to adopt his daughter. A so-called “source” was quoted by the supermarket tabloid as saying, “Jamie already acts as Suri’s father, so Katie figures he may as well officially have the title.” The supposed snitch acknowledged it would be an “uphill battle” to score Cruise’s permission, but Holmes was eager for Foxx to get her ex’s blessing. It was even asserted that the actress believed Foxx could work his “considerable charm” on Cruise, with whom he co-starred in the 2004 movie Collateral.

At the time, Gossip Cop pointed out that the gossip magazine peddled a suspiciously similar narrative about Foxx adopting Suri in the fall of 2016. Such an adoption never happened, which the outlet did not acknowledge when it offered up a nearly identical tale a few months later in early 2017. In both instances, a rep for Foxx confirmed on the record to Gossip Cop that he had no intention of adopting Holmes’ daughter. In fact, both times the spokesperson told us that claims Foxx was adopting Suri were “completely false.”

365 days have gone by, and it’s abundantly clear that was the truth. Despite this repeated storyline, Foxx never adopted Suri. What’s more is that far from officially becoming father and daughter, People reported earlier this year that while Foxx and Holmes have met each other’s kids, he “hasn’t spent much time” with Suri. That’s because, contrary to what the gossip media often wants readers to believe, Foxx and Holmes aren’t in a traditional relationship.

“They still have their own separate lives and they aren’t trying to join them together,” People noted in that same report. Obviously, that would rule out Foxx becoming Suri’s legal dad. And in a sign that their dynamic remains casual, Holmes and Foxx separately left a restaurant last weekend, which was the first time they were even since in the same place since February. In other words, the exaggerated romance described in the tabloids is still significantly more advanced than what’s actually going on in real life. Remember that the next time the National Enquirer claims to have insight.


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