Jamie Foxx Adopting Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Is Fake News

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Jamie Foxx Adopting Suri

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx Adopting Suri

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Jamie Foxx isn’t planning to adopt Katie Homles’ 11-year-old daughter Suri, despite an entirely fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

A phony new National Enquirer article claims the actress wants Foxx to ask Suri’s dad Tom Cruise, who hasn’t been in contact with his daughter for a few years, to allow him to legally adopt the young girl. “Jamie already acts as Suri’s father, so Katie figures he may as well officially have the title,” a questionable source tells the outlet. The magazine’s alleged insider goes on to contend that getting Cruise’s blessing “is going to be an uphill battle,” but Holmes believes Foxx can “use his considerable charm” to convince his Collateral co-star to let him help raise Suri.

Of course, the Enquirer has a poor track record when it comes to accurately reporting about all parties involved in this tall tale, so we were suspicious of this latest claim. Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Foxx, who exclusively tells the adoption story is “completely false.” A source close to Holmes also assures us the entire account is made-up.

In fact, Gossip Cop called out the tabloid last year for publishing an almost identically false story about Foxx adopting Suri. We also busted the magazine for wrongly reporting that Holmes and Foxx were secretly married. This latest article is simply more fiction.

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