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A certain website wants readers to believe Jamie Foxx is "straying" from Katie Holmes. This is fake news. Gossip Cop can bust the story and explain what's really going on.

More than a month ago, Foxx was photographed out with Kristin Grannis, who is the mother of his youngest daughter. As the photos indicate, there was nothing scandalous going on. They were pictured in a Los Angeles parking lot after sharing a meal. Given that they also share a child together, it's completely reasonable for Foxx and Grannis to be in touch and to be seen with one another.

But more than five weeks after the outing, RadarOnline is sensationally suggesting Foxx was cheating on Holmes. According to the site's salacious spin, the actor was "caught straying" from the "Dawson's Creek" star, and though it's pointed out that Foxx and Grannis are rarely seen together, a purported "pal" nevertheless contends, "It still doesn't excuse Jamie's behavior." This so-called "friend" claims Holmes "will be devastated," asserting, "No doubt she'll demand answers from Jamie."

The site's supposed source further claims that "everyone has been worried about Katie" because since Holmes and Foxx were first pictured holding hands together on a Malibu beach, "Jamie has essentially vanished from her life, and now he's been out with another woman." The outlet also cites an alleged "spy," who maintains, "It'll be a miracle if Jamie and Katie can survive this."

But there is no "this" for Holmes and Foxx to work through. While the online publication has cobbled together a dramatic tale, Gossip Cop can poke number of holes showing why the story and its claims aren't credible. The pictures of Foxx and Grannis, in which they are merely standing several feet apart, emerged on February 17. It is now March 29, and the aforementioned "friend" is talking in the present tense to claim Holmes "will be devastated" and "she'll demand answers" about something that happened and was covered by the media more than a month ago. That makes no sense.

It's also just flat-out wrong to claim Foxx has "vanished" from Holmes' life since they were photographed on the beach last September. As the press covered extensively in January, Foxx and Holmes were seen together at a pre-Grammys gala (see photo above). Then, Homes and Foxx were snapped by paparazzi on Valentine's Day in February. As for why they haven't stepped out since then, that relates to a larger fact the website doesn't acknowledge: Foxx and Holmes haven't joined their lives together. The dynamic between them is entirely casual and far from a serious, full-on romance.

In fact, when People reported about Holmes and Foxx's secretive relationship last month, it was specifically noted, "They don't see themselves as a couple... There are no obligations, no requirements." They go about their everyday lives independently and are free to socialize with whomever they wish. That means Foxx is not "straying" by having some food with the mother of his daughter, and such a claim is a fake angle attached to something that isn't even newsworthy to begin with.

But perhaps RadarOnline is coming from some alternate reality, one where Holmes and Foxx are married, given that this is the same outlet that claimed they were having a wedding in 2016 (see below). Between that and all the points highlighted above, it's clear the blog isn't credible and its easily-debunked contentions don't really have anything to do with the here and now.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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