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Stories about Jamie Foxx on a guys' weekend in Miami, while Katie Holmes is in Paris for fashion events are meaningless since the two spend the vast majority of their lives apart anyway. A number of outlets are now making a big deal about them being a continent away from each other this weekend, but far more often than not they aren't together. The reason their personal lives have once again piqued interest is because last week RadarOnline wrongly reported Foxx and Holmes had called off their (nonexistent) "wedding" and had "split."

Of course, as Gossip Cop has been reporting, the two casually hang out when time permits, but there were never any plans for them to ever wed nor did they have a breakup. In fact, last Wednesday — a full day before other outlets caught up to us — Foxx's rep exclusively confirmed to Gossip Cop the two never had wedding plans. And Holmes's spokesperson also assured us the RadarOnline story was "100 percent untrue."

Now fast forward to this weekend and a handful of outlets are trying to tie the two celebrities' schedules together when there's no reason at all. Foxx spent the weekend in Miami, where he attended the 14th annual Irie Weekend, which raises funds for the Irie Foundation, a charity that helps at-risk youth in South Florida. But it's not his first time at the benefit.

Unlike this year, People didn't even mention Holmes name when reporting in 2016 how Foxx hosted that year's Irie Foundation's gala in Miami. Now, however, the outlet ran a headline that reads, "Jamie Foxx 'Doesn't Seem Worried' by Katie Holmes Relationship Rumors on 'Guys' Weekend." And the same goes for Holmes's weekend plans.

Page Six, for example, blares in a new headline, "Katie Holmes heads to Paris amid Jamie Foxx breakup rumors." Here, too, Holmes has been photographed at July's Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in the past, and it had absolutely nothing to do with Foxx or any other man. The two stars simply have, for the most part, separate lives and occasionally hang out together. In fact, the last time they were publicly spotted near each other was in April, leaving the New York restaurant Nobu separately.

The reality, as Gossip Cop has noted, is Foxx and Holmes's relationship is very casual. In fact, it seems the media takes it more seriously than they do. But it's not just us saying this. A few months ago, People reported Holmes and Foxx are secretive and "don't see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense." Her being in Paris and him being in Miami has nothing to do with false "split" rumors, and everything to do with their own personal interests. Any other interpretation is meaningless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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