Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes NOT “Married And Pregnant,” Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Married Pregnant

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are not secretly married, nor is she three months pregnant with his baby, despite a completely fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story. We’re told it’s “absolutely not true.”

According to Star, Foxx and Holmes had a small, “supersecret” wedding at his home in Los Angeles earlier this year. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Word is, only their immediate family was invited. It was apparently romantic, intimate and very low-key.” The tabloid then goes on to make up supposed details about the ceremony, including Holmes’ nine-year-old daughter Suri being the maid of honor, and other guests including the actress’s parents and Foxx’s daughters.

Naturally, the magazine decides to drag Tom Cruise into its tall tale. The outlet’s “insider” claims, “Katie told Tom about the wedding, and he sent a touching message saying how happy he was for them. He wanted to give them his blessing for Suri’s sake.” But the tabloid isn’t content simply concocting a made-up marriage, and so it goes on to allege that Holmes is “three months pregnant.” The magazine goes on to quote its seemingly phony source as saying, “They’re both such great parents, and they’ve been talking about starting a family for a while now.”

Let’s examine how fake the magazine’s “source” is. First, he or she couches the wedding’s description by saying “Word is” only immediate family members were invited, and “apparently” it was low-key, but yet magically knows who was invited and that Suri was the maid of honor. What’s more, the same clearly made-up “source” can’t furnish one detail about the supposed wedding celebration, yet knows the contents of a private message Cruise allegedly sent his ex-wife, and that she’s pregnant?! The whole cover story is bogus.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Foxx, who assures us that the tabloid’s marriage and pregnancy claims are “absolutely not true.” A rep for Holmes also says the story is bogus. Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected various bogus tabloid articles with headlines such as “Secretly Married,” “Wedding & A Baby,” “It’s A Girl!” and many, many more. There was no truth to those previous tales, and nothing has changed since then.


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