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A new tabloid cover announcing Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have "split" is both late and wrong. Last week, Gossip Cop and a few other outlets set the record straight on this topic. We can now do so again.

Last Wednesday, RadarOnline peddled a story online that falsely claimed Holmes "called off" a wedding to Foxx after supposedly being unable to "get over her trust issues." The actress was described as "devastated," but the site also alleged she had already "started to move on" with a New York-based lawyer. But a rep for Foxx confirmed to Gossip Cop that he and Holmes never had any marriage plans in the first place. Holmes' own spokesperson separately told us entire story was "100 percent untrue."

We also learned from our sources that Holmes and Foxx were still involved "casually," and that "nothing's changed" between them. This was later confirmed on Thursday by People, who similarly reported that the narrative about a Foxx-Holmes "split" and canceled wedding was untrue. And on Friday, "Entertainment Tonight" further backed up what Gossip Cop has reported all along, which is that Holmes and Foxx have "independent lives," where they see each other when they can, as opposed to being in a constant, full-on relationship.

But now on Tuesday, nearly a week after our bust, RadarOnline's sister outlet OK! has published a cover wrongly announcing, "The Wedding Is Off! Katie & Jamie Split!" The print story is almost word-for-word the same as the online version, with the tabloid unable to offer any new evidence or proof to substantiate the already debunked contentions. In other words, the magazine is hoping readers shell out $5.99 for something that was already widely corrected. That's not how journalism is supposed to work.

And like its sister publication, OK! has proven over the years that's it not remotely credible when it comes to these particular stars. Multiple times the tabloid has peddled fabricated stories about Holmes being pregnant with Foxx's baby, including last September. If she was actually expecting then, as alleged, she would've given birth in the spring. But that never happened, just like she never delivered a baby any of the other times the magazine declared she was pregnant.

Also, this same outlet was responsible for our top Holmes-Foxx rumor of 2017, after publishing a cover story that tried to trick readers into thinking they were married in a secret wedding. Now the publication is again trying to dupe people. But the truth is readily available and has been for days.

Conclusion: Nearly a week ago, RadarOnline published a totally bogus article about Holmes and Foxx going their separate ways and canceling a wedding. This misinformation was corrected by multiple outlets, in addition to their own spokespeople offering on-the-record comments. The allegations are no more accurate now that OK! is belatedly repeating them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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