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Did Jamie Foxx really leave Katie Holmes at the altar? That's the untruthful spin being offered by one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can explain how this narrative is demonstrably false.

Last week, the Globe claimed Foxx and Holmes were getting married in a summer wedding. The gossip magazine had no specific details and no proof to substantiate its report. In contrast, a rep for the actor flat-out told Gossip Cop he wasn't marrying, and we also pointed to reliable reporting from elsewhere that showed Foxx and Holmes aren't in a serious relationship that would be sealed with nuptials. Now after our debunking, the outlet is changing course.

According to its new article, Holmes is "devastated" and has been "shattered" after her "cheating boyfriend... dumped her at the altar." Wait, what? How did Foxx and Holmes go from planning a summer wedding to one of them being left at the altar just days later? This is never explained. Instead, the publication describes Holmes as "wannabe wife" who has suddenly been "betrayed" by her supposed groom. It's alleged Foxx has been "seeing his ex and baby mama, Kristin Grannis, behind Katie's back."

"Katie's in total shock," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. The tabloid's alleged tipster contends Holmes was "convinced they'd end up married," and calls it "especially humiliating" for her because Foxx swore he and Grannis were "just friends." Adds the purported snitch, "It's very tough on Katie, who's desperate to tie Jamie down." But, insists the magazine, now "it's over between the couple for good."

There's a lot of false premises at play here. As noted above, Foxx and Holmes never actually had plans to wed, according to his own spokesperson, so it's impossible for him to have "dumped" the actress "at the altar." And while the outlet claims she has "marriage dreams" with the actor, People has reported that both Foxx and Holmes prefer to be "secretive" and don't see themselves as a "couple." In fact, just last week the credible publication stressed that Holmes and Foxx still don't even want to leave a dinner together. It was also noted that "her main focus is still Suri," not her love life.

Given that their casual dynamic is continuing, the contentions from the Globe about Holmes being "devastated" and "shattered" by a lack of commitment are clearly false. Additionally, it is inaccurate to accuse Foxx of doing something "behind Katie's back." Foxx and Grannis went out together in public in late April, joined by their daughter. There was nothing secretive or scandalous about it. It's also provably untrue that he and Holmes are "over" as a result, given that Foxx and Holmes were last seen together on May 1, after his April 27 outing with Grannis.

As seen in our archives, the tabloids have spent years misrepresenting the relationship between Foxx and Holmes. Its unconventional nature goes against the typical tropes favored by the gossip media, which tend to focus on marriage and breakups. But as the evidence shows, Holmes and Foxx's situation really does lie in that middle ground.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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