Jamie Foxx NOT “Upset” Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson Are “Talking Again,” Despite Reports

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Jamie Foxx Reaction Katie Holmes Joshua Jackcson Talking

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Jamie Foxx Reaction Katie Holmes Joshua Jackcson Talking

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Jamie Foxx is not “upset” that Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson are “talking again,” despite new reports. Gossip Cop can bust these stories. They’re based on a false premise.

According to In Touch and Life & Style, Foxx is “jealous” and “upset” after Jackson reconnected with Holmes through last month’s “Dawson’s Creek” cast reunion. The sister outlets are running nearly identical stories that allege Foxx was “overheard venting about his tumultuous relationship” with Holmes while at Coachella. It’s specifically claimed he spoke publicly at an event filled with thousands of strangers about how “Katie’s talking again to her ex-flame.”

“He didn’t seem to care who heard him,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. This supposed snitch contends Foxx “seemed pretty cut up by everything,” and asserts he “admitted to being hurt” by Holmes and Jackson’s renewed friendship. In Touch goes as far as describing Foxx as “fuming,” while Life & Style maintains “tension has been high” between Holmes and Foxx as a result. The gossip magazine wonders whether there’s “trouble in paradise,” and further asks, “Does Jamie have a reason to be worried?”

But if the publications were really in-the-know, they wouldn’t be looking to readers for insight. In another sign that the tabloids don’t have credible inside knowledge, Life & Style regurgitates already debunked claims from In Touch about Foxx’s supposed “secret texts” with ex Kristin Grannis threatening his relationship with Holmes. Just like they tried making hay out of the actor communicating with the mother of his daughter, they are now trying make it seem like there are issues due to Jackson.

This is problematic for several reasons. First off, when Star last week falsely claimed Holmes had “dumped” Jackson for Foxx, her rep told Gossip Cop on the record that the former “Dawson’s Creek” co-stars were not even speaking regularly. The cast reunion was the first time they’d seen each other in years, and they’ve led separate lives, contrary to these new tales wrongly alleging they’ve “always kept in touch.”

Holmes and Jackson don’t have an ongoing friendship that has suddenly been revitalized, so there is nothing for Foxx to be “upset” over. Furthermore, People has reported how Holmes and Foxx prefer to be “secretive” and “don’t see themselves as a couple.” That makes it unlikely he’d be “venting” about her in a public place, as well as ridiculous to contend he’d have a problem with her maintaining a friendship with someone else.

As for the notion that there’s “tension” between them and “trouble in paradise,” things were well enough for Holmes and Foxx to have an apparent date night just a few days ago. Their casual dynamic is clearly continuing and, as explained above, Jackson is a total non-factor.


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